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Good Natured is all about the good things I enjoy in my life.
Plants, gardening, cooking, and hosting guests on my farm.
I want to share these things with you.

What's Happening?

Started doing fall clean up chores in the yard. First frost killed the annuals, so pulled them up and put them on the compost pile.

Getting ready to purchase a greenhouse to start a winter garden and prep for spring annuals starts. Looking into growing micro greens and selling to the locals. Also looking into hydroponics and how that might fit into my greenhouse.

Adding steer manure to the garden plot before I disk it in and cover the plot for winter with large tarps. Trying to kill the horrible grass that wont die!

Had several farm staycation guests this summer and fall! Guests from Los Angeles, California, Dallas, Texas, Jacksonville, Florida, Omaha, Nebraska, New Orleans, Louisiana, Salem, Oregon and Rochester, New York.
Looking forward to more farm guest next year! My homemade double chocolate brownies were a BIG hit!

Farm Staycation:

Doesn't that sound fun?

Stay at my farm and get home cooked meals from my scratch kitchen, visit local sights or stay on the porch and read a good book. 

Relax and enjoy the peace and quiet in the beautiful countryside.


So delicious and tasty, straight from my kitchen to you. Nothing tastes better than home baked desserts!

Coaching Plans

With my coaching plans, it is easy to grow beautiful flowers, plants and fruits and vegetables from your own garden. Tastes so much better!

Email me at:
Located in the Little Rock, AR, United States

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