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  • Start Here

    "Poppy" - Start Here

    Gardening 101, The Basics
    • 2 hr video or phone chat
    • Go virtual video shopping with me at the store
    • Instructions on how to put what you bought together at home
    • Learn proper watering and fertilizing specific to your plant
    • Maintenance plan for your new plant
    • This plan must be purchased before another plan can be added
  • "Daffodil" Plan

    How to grow plants from seeds, bulbs and tubers
    • Pick your flower or veggie seeds, flower bulbs/tubers
    • Where to plant
    • How to maintain your plant after planted
    • 1 hour coaching time
  • "Lily Pad" Plan

    Step by step on how to create a relaxing water garden
    • Determine the pond plants you want
    • Pick a container for your pond
    • Assemble it all together
    • 1 hour coaching time
  • "Jungle" Plan

    How to grow tropical plants inside and outside
    • Pick your tropical plants
    • Pick location to plant them
    • Pick the right sized pot
    • Assemble it together
    • How to maintain it once planted
    • 1 hour coaching time
  • "Sprouts" Plan

    Microgreens - how to grow and maintain them
    • Pick veggie seeds for your flavor or greens
    • Get correct container to grow them
    • Plant your veggie seeds
    • How to maintain once planted and harvest your crop
    • 1 hour coaching time
  • "Prickly Pear" Plan

    How to grow succulents and cactus
    • Pick your new plant
    • Pick the right type of pot
    • Plant it with the correct soil
    • How to maintain it once planted
    • 1 hour coaching time
  • "Ivy" Plan

    How to grow a luscious hanging plant
    • Pick a vining plant
    • Pick a hanging pot
    • Pot it up
    • How to care for your new hanging plant
    • 1 hour coaching time
  • "Zuchinni" Plan

    How to plant, grow and harvest a vegetable garden
    • Purchase veggie plants and/or seeds
    • Plant them in the ground, raised bed or pots on your patio
    • How to maintain your garden on a daily basis and harvest
    • 4 hour coaching time
  • "Orchid" Plan

    Exotic orchids, and how to grow them
    • Pick your orchid plant
    • Pick your orchid pot
    • How to plant it and what type of soil
    • Maintaining these beauties is often tricky, learn the tricks
    • 1 hour coaching time
  • "Rose" Plant Book

    Your garden picture and maintenance guide book
    • Pictures of each plant
    • Care instructions for each plant
    • First 10 plants included, each additional page is $10
  • Plant Doctor

    Video chat to determine what's wrong with your sick plant
    • Consultation on sick plant, video chat/pics
    • Written plan to heal your plant
  • Plant Rescue

    No longer want your plant? Donate it to Good Natured
    Free Plan
    • Discuss what plant you want to donate and how to deliver it
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