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5 things to check Before you buy your plant

1 - Read the tags. Will this plant do well in the space you want to put it?

  • What type of light does it require?

  • How tall is it going to get?

  • Is it a perennial or annual?

  • What degree does it say it is hardy to?

  • If a blooming plant, how long is the bloom time?

2 - Bugs

  • Are there small gnat type bugs flying around it when you pick it up?

  • Are there scales or oval brown type bugs on the stems or under the leaves

  • Are there small white fuzzy spots on the stems or under the leaves

  • Are there spider mites or small webs on the back sides of the leaves, very tiny

  • Are there aphids on the plant? - usually small black or green bugs with legs

3 - Check the leaves and stems

  • Are there a lot of broken stems, torn leaves or brown foliage?

4 - If it is a blooming plant, are the flowers blooming or still buds?

  • It is better to pick a plant that has more buds than open flowers, it will extend the flowering season for you to enjoy when you bring it home.

5 - Is the plant soil dry or moist?

  • If it is a succulent - the soil should be more dry than wet. Most box stores over water these types of plants and instantly kill them.

  • Any other type of plant can have moist soil and be fine

  • If it is too dry, the foliage will be wilted or falls apart when you touch it.

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